What is this?

Either training or advisory. If you want to help your sales engineers sell better, it's training plans in the form of workshops. If you want to scale faster, onboard faster, support more AEs, reduce CAC, and do more strategic things, then it's advisory. If you don't know what you want, just book a call. We'll ask some questions to figure out what you're looking to achieve, and then we'll recommend a plan for how to get there.

Who is this for?

Anyone who operates in a Pre-Sales role. These often include Sales Engineers, Solution Architects, Value Engineers, Outcome Engineers, Solution Specialists, Business Consultants, Sales Consultants, Technical Consultants, and anyone else that we have given an alternative name despite the fact that they help “sell” your product.

How many people is this for?

While there is no limit to the number of sales engineers, individual workshops are collaborative and involve role playing. For this reason we administer sessions with a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 21 participants and schedule multiple sessions for teams that are larger. The exception to this rule is during sales off-sites and kickoff events where we work with sales leadership and enablement to determine the most effective delivery format.

How long does this take?

Each engagement requires discovery to understand and diagnose needs. From there, individual workshops range from 45 minutes to half-day sessions. Depending on the training program, they can be done over multiple days or weeks so that habits can be formed. If timing is a concern, please book a discovery session, as we will work with your schedule and around important dates and events (kickoffs, offsites, weekly meetings, etc.).

How is this different from Sales Enablement?

We can't train your SEs to be industry, product, or technical experts. You have to do that. Sales Enablement has to get sales engineers field-ready. We can't do that for you, but we can help you accelerate the process.

We're Different

Agreed. We don't understand your business, your buyer, your product, your sales process, your enablement, your people, nor your goals. That's why we make discovery part of our process. If after discovery, you still don't think we understand you, then you don't pay. It's that simple. We do for you, what your buyers expect you to do for them.

Schedule a Call!

You're probably wondering, "do I really want to do this?" If you want to keep doing what you've been doing, then no, you don't want to do this. This call is just for discovery. We aren’t going to spam you with 100 emails and dozens of phone calls if you're not interested in our offerings. We have to qualify prospects just like you do. The purpose of this call is to determine if we are a good fit for one another. That's it.