Customer Results

What training do you offer?

We offer both individual workshops for team-building events, offsites, and kickoffs, as well as formal training. All of our training focuses on building presales capabilities that are not commonly taught by sales enablement teams. These include higher level skills like Brevity, Storytelling, and Behavioral Selling (both Discovery and Leadership). We also will design custom workshops for teams operating in specialized roles (e.g. Principal Solutions Architects, Global Overlay teams, and Sales Solutions Specialists) with extremely deep/niche subject matter expertise. Book an intro call and we can discuss your team in detail to see if there is a fit.

What don't you offer?

We don't offer entry-level sales enablement such as technical enablement, product enablement, or industry skills. Those skills are best taught by internal sales enablement teams.

Why is it called Alpha Presales?

Alpha is investing term. It represents the additional return you get from proactively managing your investments. But most presales engineers don't proactively manage their investments. Instead they react to whatever the sales team and the client want them to do, which results in longer sales cycles with more POCs and more follow-up meetings. We help presales organizations build their Leadership skills so that they can be more proactive, support more AEs, and sell more with less meetings (i.e. reduce the cost of sales).

How are you different?

Most training companies focus on presentation skills. Those are important, but they teach engineers to talk more, do more, and demo more, which is bad for efficiency and reducing the cost of sales. Alpha Presales is designed to help you have less meetings, but more effective ones. We do this by focusing our workshops first on listening and leading, and then on storytelling (presenting). This approach helps not only convert more sales, but it also helps reduce costs.

What does the sales process look like?

We will not pass you off from person to person (e.g. BDR->AE->SE, etc.). You'll meet with your presales trainer on the very first call so that you can see what we offer and if we are a fit. If you decide to move forward with us, we will do more in-depth discovery to truly learn your people, your products, your buyers, your sales process, and your presales process. Then we will work with you to develop a training curriculum that is right for your team. Unlike traditional workshops/training, we only include what you want us to include, so your sales engineers won't be stuck learning things that they already know.

What does the training process look like?

All virtual training is conducted in the state-of-the-art Alpha Presales Education Studio. We guarantee it will be the best virtual training experience that your team has ever taken part in. Watch the videos on our blog, LinkedIn, and YouTube to get an idea of what virtual instruction looks like. Your team will be engaged throughout the entire training process.

What does the sustainment process look like?

We build sustainment directly into our training programs. After going through workshops, we will work with your presales management and sales enablement teams to reinforce the training in follow-up meetings. We also provide coaching sessions to ensure that individual team members get one-on-one feedback after training so that they can continue to develop their sales and leadership skills.

What is Alpha Presales?

Alpha Presales is both a training company and a methodology. We believe that Solutions Consultants are the secret weapon to enterprise sales, but most don't reach their true potential and are seen by others as mere "technical resources." To unlock their true potential, we believe that presales engineers must learn Leadership skills.

What companies do you work with?

We work with software companies and consulting / professional services companies that have complex sales processes involving lots of solutioning.

Our SEs were extremely skilled, but they weren’t leading the sale. After Alpha Presales training, there was an obvious increase in their confidence and now the team leads the sale and they aren’t being “salesy.”


VP of Presales

I was always scared after meetings because we would be gone and then we had to count on the prospect to sell internally. Now I’m not worried when prospects play the telephone game because they sell on our behalf.


Account Manager

I was in a meeting with Microsoft and halfway through my discussion the prospect gets up and says..."Oh My God, I feel so heard right now!"


Sales Engineer

We were asked for a month-long POC. When I dug deeper, I found out that they needed to put together an executive briefing too. So rather than a POC, I turned the deliverable into an executive findings report, complete with visuals and ROI. We closed the deal without a POC and made our champion look great in front of his leadership.


Head of Presales

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